Flemington New Jersey Bed & Breakfast

A Berry Wonderful Morning!

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The Farm Cooking School gets major kudos from me…the farm location, the food, and the Chef surpassed all my expectations!  I attended a Strawberry Cooking Class and was met by Chef Ian Knauer as I entered the Farm Kitchen.  He gave me a big hello and a smile that put me at ease right away. […]

An Inspirational Spring Stroll at Duke Farms

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Even innkeepers need to be kept on track with things that need doing, both for the business and in regards to self-care and to maintain creativity…which is why a photographer friend of mine and I have teamed up as each-others accountability partner.  We meet once a month to keep each other on track with our personal and professional […]

The Most Awesome Peony Farm…right here in Central New Jersey!!!

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One of the cool things about owning a B&B is that you can actually justify a ‘field trip’ (better known as a day-off!)  to explore amazing places to send our guests.  THIS amazing place is one that I heard about awhile ago and have wanted to get to for several years…and this week, I finally did! […]