Flemington New Jersey Bed & Breakfast

Bodacious Banana Bread!

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Bananas are just one of those things that are always in the kitchen at a Bed & Breakfast.  All good innkeepers know it is a cardinal sin to waste ANYTHING at all…so we at Main Street Manor have come up with a fab-o recipe for when our bananas are starting to get really brown and funky… […]

A New Years Resolution Realized…So Excited!

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If anyone has actually made a New Years Resolution and has had it come to fruition…they will understand my excitement and my extreme need to write this post!  For YEARS I have wanted to put together a program for women that will inspire them  in every facet of their life. Well, I have finally done it!  Several years ago I […]

You must go see Food, Inc. the movie!

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Take control of the food you eat…and take this opportunity to find out where your food comes from, how it is produced and how it is all regulated by our government.  It is absolutely worth the trouble to find out where this movie is playing in your area…and GO SEE IT!!   The filmaker as well as noted food writers show the […]