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A Honey of A Farm!

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This time of year we really realize how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful place!  Within our town, we can walk to everything…the grocery store, all kinds of restaurants, post office…and even the best Farmers Market in the County!  And a 15 minute drive will allow us to take in the most amazing scenery, whether it be a small family farm with pick-your own berries, a sprawling vineyard with rolling hills and grapevine as far as the eye can see or a gentleman’s farm which focuses on their bees and beekeeping!

The hives at Buzzing Acres alive with honeybees!

The focus of this blog post is to introduce our friends, Jean-Claude & Bea Tassot, owners of Buzzing Acres Farm and Tassot Apiaries!   Jean-Claude has been looking after honey bees since he was a child in Burgundy, France and now produces about 10,000lbs.  of honey from Buzzing Acres each year!   There are several dozen hives at the farm and lots more spread over local farms across several nearby counties.  We met Bea early last year when we asked her to do a class about bees at the inn after we had our own ‘bee-situation’ at the inn, in Spring, 2011

Jean-Claude & Bea Tassot, Owners of Buzzing Acres Farm & Tassot Apiaries in Milford, NJ

The Tasot’s main focus is their bees at  Tassot Apiaries, but beyond the bees, beekeeping, honey production, etc,  they have an amazing farm that is oh, so welcoming!   They are happy to take guests on a tour of the hives and their honey-making facility!  &…it is most facsinating and totally Tassot-driven!  Jean-Claude will educate you on the plight of the honeybee and make you aware of bee-ing supportive of the local movement, especially where honey & the  honeybees are concerned!  (In case you did not know, honeybees are responsible for about 30% of our food source, nationwide!  So think twice before using pesticides and the like in your garden!)

More lively bee-hives!

Besides the honeybees and their dog, Princesse (the Tassot’s pet, beagle-mix k9),  Buzzing Acres is home to about 7 different varieties of chickens, a rooster and some really beautiful and interesting alpaca.  

Jean-Claude leading the ladies!

The chickens & rooster are free-to-roam and each variety of chicken lays a different color egg!   Plus you’ll find that each bird has her own distinct, unique demeanor and personality! (so funny!) 

The rooster and a few of the girls!

  The rooster, surrounded by a few of the ladies…he thinks ‘it’s all about him’ !  (well, of course, it is!)

And the rooster's in the henhouse!

 The day we visited the farm it was a perfectly cool June day.  We followed Bea out to the chicken coop to see what beautiful surprises were awaiting us…and here’s a sample of what Miss Bea collected from the girls!

Miss Bea collecting the eggs!

 We at Main Street Manor have been getting our eggs from Buzzing Acres for a little over a year now…and we have to say, besides the fact that the eggs are farm-fresh, we love to see the array of colorful eggs we get each week! 

Beautiful multi-colored eggs from Buzzing Acres Farm!

As for the animals, Jean Claude loves his alpaca and they were all so friendly and came right over to the fence to say HI!!  The Tassot’s host a shearing event every Spring when the alpaca shed their wool which includes a tour of the Farm and an opportunity for all visitors to see the alpaca getting sheared! (Around Easter Sunday)

Alpaca, alpaca!

I was a little freaked-out by this one nosey guy who kept after us on our visit to the farm…but Bea & Jean-Claude kept him at bay! 


 Well…we love us some Buzzing Acres Farm and the Tassot’s and we know YOU WILL TOO!  Tassot Apiaries is present at  many Farm Markets all through New Jersey where they sell their wares (honey, beeswax candles, soap and honey related items such as bee-pollen!)  They will be present this year at the Bastile Day Faire in NYC  in on Sunday, July 15!  For bee-related information, visit the info section of their website OR better yet, visit the Farm in person for a tour and an up-close and personal view of their farm, honey production and their sweet-as-can-bee gift shop!  Do give a buzz  first to make sure someone other than Princess (the dog) is home to take you on your tour. (908) 264-4504.

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