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Every Mile Is Two In Winter…

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Our beautiful blooming 'Winter's Bliss' Lenten Rose - 21 February 2012

No reason to complain about Winter this year, right???…Wrong!  I don’t know if anyone else feels somewhat swindled and teased by Mother Nature, but due to the lack of a traditional New Jersey Winter, the gardener in me is itchier than ever to get outside in the garden and play in the dirt!  When one sees snow and temps dip into the single digits, hunkering-down with a good garden book or seed catalog and wait until April, is all an innkeeper can do.  However this year, it has been especially excruciating to watch my bulbs pop their heads through piles of leaves and debris and resist beginning a garden clean-up on one of the 50 degree days we’ve been having!   

A hopeful hyacinth - 21 February 2012

With that said and deeply felt, I had to do something to expedite Spring a bit this year so what better than to plan some garden-classes right here at the inn with my new BFF, Eve Minson, owner of JustOneSeed in Bucks County, Pa.  One of my sweet helpers and I attended a class given by Eve at Duke Farms, in nearby Hillsborough last Fall.  Eve spoke on Herbs in the Garden that evening and her contagious excitement, prompted me to give her a call.  I asked if she would be willing to do a series of garden-related classes here at the inn and together we came up with an awesome lineup starting  on March 14 with class #1,  ‘Seed Starting & Saving’.   We’ll be sowing some early lettuce  and other goodies so I am thrilled that very soon we’ll be in the dirt again, no matter what the temperature!  Students of Eve’s class will sow their seeds and take home their treasures for planting in the early-Spring garden, container or otherwise.

A persistant pansy in the herb bed off the kitchen - 21 February 2012

As long as I can remember, gardening, art, and cooking have been my passions.  They have interwoven in different ways throughout my life.  For almost 20 years I have been committed to organic gardening and the ‘whole’ natural foods movement, “Slow Food” before it ever had a name.  Over the years I have cooked for and hosted family, friends and guests with herbs and foods we have grown ourselves or harvested from our nearby organic CSA and have loved every minute of it!  There’s nothing like plucking something fresh from the garden either to cook, bake with or fresh flowers from the garden to adorn the table!

I feel blessed to have Main Street Manor B&B, where what I love and find interesting are integrated into my home,  work and life.  Our guests say this gives them a rich and really authentic experience when escaping to our inn.  If you’re as crazy about playing in the dirt and growing and caring for plants as I am,…or looking to discover  something new this Spring, visit us for a class (or all six!).   We’ll also provide you a respite if you find you need to take some time to rediscover yourself and what you’re passionate about.

For a listing and descriptions of classes we are offering, visit our ‘Noteworthy Happenings’ page on our website.  Come get your hands dirty with us!

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