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Lavender Fields Forever…..

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French Lavender

French Lavender

Have you ever traveled through France’s Provence Countryside and come upon lavender fields as far as the eye can see?  Well, no need to go that far to enjoy beautiful fields of lavender.  Carousel Lavender Farm will thrill you with magnificent picturesque views and over 15,000 organically-grown plants, each one planted, pruned and harvested by hand.  Recently, we had a quiet day and decided to drive out to the Farm.  Its about 20 minutes from the Inn, in a quaint and scenic Bucks County town called Mechanicsville, Pa.  Setting out for our drive, we knew the Farm was ‘closed’ (their open hours are Saturdays from 9-5) but decided to take our chances and at least peer over the fences and take in the beauty of the fields & the lavender aroma.   ~~~   Upon arriving at the Farm, we parked the car along the roadside and proceeded towards the high iron gate at the driveway entrance, camera in hand.  I began snapping photos (thanks to my zoom lens) when we noticed a man waving to us to come onto the property.  It was the owner Niko.  What a gracious and generous man he is!  He gave us a personal tour of the entire property, and what a thrill it was to have him tell us the history of the farm firsthand.  Here are some photos we took from that glorious day, so we hope visitors will enjoy them and be convinced to visit this magical place.  It is absolutely ‘a field of dreams’! ~~~   To you all, Il faut jouir de la vie!

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