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Making The Most of Your Trip to the Farmers Market…our Tips!

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Just picked berries from Honeybrook!

We’re SO EXCITED that  Honeybrook Organic Farm is finally open…this Thursday we went picking in the strawberry patch and it was close to a religious experience!  As of this Sunday, Dvoor Farmers Market will be open for the season as well.  If you don’t already know, we believe in supporting all things local, and we hope this year, you’ll become a believer too.  There are dozens of Farmers Markets open all across the State, and if you look, chances are there’s one for you to visit nearby where you live.   If you’ve ever plucked a strawberry fresh from the field and eaten it that precise moment…you’ll understand where this is all going.  Visit us at the Inn and  we’ll direct you to a  local Farmers Market, or find one hearby where you live…You’ll be glad you did.

For those who are new to the ‘locavore’ mentality &  the whole farmers market thing,  you’ll find the hardest part is waiting for the good stuff.  Seasonal is key!  You can buy a tomato year round…but at your farm market, you can buy them only when they’re hanging on the vine not far from where you live when freshness and flavor is at its peek!    But we digress…we promised you some tips for shopping at your nearby Farmers Market…so here they are for all the newbies out there!

1.) Bring your own bags…Take sturdy, reusable shopping bags or a pretty basket that makes you feel good…remember, today you’re amongst the farmers…so Mother Nature rules!

2.) Get an early start when you can…’cause many markets run out of the best produce early…especially when its early in the growing season and shoppers are anxious to snatch up the best stuff!

3.) Take cash…many markets do not take credit cards or checks.

4.) Take a quick tour of the market before you buy anything…oftentimes, several farms will have the same items but it will give you a chance to compare cost and quality… and some farmers will even offer a taste or their wares!

5.) DO NOT SHOP HUNGRY…just like at the grocery store, we’re more likely to buy, buy, buy and make snap decisions without thinking about what we’re really looking to try or purchase.

6.) Take your time!  Enjoy the experience and savour your time at the Market… As a friend once said to me…” its like going to church”, and she was so right.  Appreciate our farmers and the Source that made the entire process possible. Take your time…and breathe that outside air!   

Spectacular scallions at the Farmers Market!

To Search out a Farmers Market near you (or us) visit this link for Locavores; A  Hunterdon County Farm Direct Food Map.  Discover the pleasures of locally grown food and wares…Support your local farmers.  Leave a comment here about a Market you visited or something new you tried…have fun!

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