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Our Visit To Solebury Orchards

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Prior to our departure for vacation, we had an opportunity on a sunny,  late August afternoon to journey to Solebury Orchards in Bucks County and what a treasure we found!   The colorful road sign hints at the wealth of  Mother Nature’s offerings once you arrive.  The brilliant cutting garden alive with buzzing bees and butterflies is a joy to behold!  Visitors can borrow a pruner from the farm store and clip the posies they choose. 

The day we were there, the orchard market was brimming with baskets of beautiful berries & peaches, herbs, assorted vegetables and all kinds of ‘Solebury’ preserves, fruit butters and applesauce. They had some small and delicate early pears in little baskets that looked irresistable, so we bought them for a guest we had staying who was on a very restricted diet.  The orchard also makes and bottles (in glass!), their own apple juice …so we just had to try it!  OMG…It was out of this world and tasted more like apple cider than the watered down so-called apple juices we have had before. What a wonderful treat on a hot August day! 

Picking your own fruits & vegetables (if you’ve never done it) is an amazing experience.  It puts you in touch with Mother Earth and demonstrates how very perfect the law of nature is.  Delicate berries are carefully protected by prickly leaves that envelop the tender fruit…and when you find &  pick a perfect & glistening berry, it feels like you have won a prize. Then you taste it…and you KNOW you’ve won a prize!

 Solebury Orchards offers pick-your-own for all kinds of fruit and also cherry tomatoes.  The Orchards, when we saw them back in August, were brimming with luscious apples & pears of all kinds. We can’t wait to go back when its picking season! Michele bday & Orchard 015

Treat yourself to trip to Solebury Orchards this season and spend some time there picking your favorite apple variety this fall!  Maybe you’ll even find a new fave. Solebury grows 18 varieties of apple, so be adventurous when you visit!       

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