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Every Dog Needs A JOB!

by admin

qball1For those of you familiar with Main Street Manor, our yellow lab, Quincy is a huge part of the Inn and its personality!  We have no kids, so we are…and always have been all about our dogs.  Visitors will choose the ‘Labrador Violet’ guest room because it is dedicated to our love of dogs and our last dog,  Beau who was a yellow Labrador retriever too.  Guests ask to meet Quincy upon their immediate arrival…we think its because they are major dog-lovers…or just curious since  Quincy’s reputation precedes him!  Quincy’s page on our web site recounts his life at the Inn from June 2006 when he arrived here to almost present.  He was the most horrendous puppy, but has become a really wonderful young man.  He is now the official greeter, offering high-fives and licks to all who want them, but other than that, he has not really had much of a job.  Well, we have figured out a role for him…and its something he can do every day.  It makes him feel good about himself & will prepare him for assisting guests with their  luggage someday! 


Quincy carries in Ken’s lunch box every day after work…He seems really happy to do it… Well, you be the judge…and leave a comment about your dog’s job or maybe a suggestion for the next job we can get Quincy to do!

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