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Wedding Trends that are ‘Inn’ for year 2016

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Since Weddings are such a big part of who we are at Main Street Manor, we spend alot of time keeping up on current trends to help inn-spire our wedding couples. 2015 was a banner year for us with weddings and we’ve inn-cluded some ‘real wedding’ shots from weddings here at the inn this past year.

Christmastime inn our Parlour and all dressed up for the Holidays and our Wedding Couples…

Below are some top 2016 trends that ‘the experts’ are saying we’ll see this year and fit with the intimate wedding style of Main Street Manor.

Winter Wedding at the inn

Recent years have seen brides rush to recreate the Royal Wedding or an entire Pinterest board, but as we welcome the new year, brides will be more interested in marrying their best friend their own way. Couples today want a wedding that showcases their personalities, relationship and who they are as a couple.

Wintery Bridal Bouquet of Roses, Hypericom, Pinecones, and Globe Thistle…

A mix of style and simplicity will be the basis of wedding flowers in 2016. Bouquets that look just picked and feature whatever is in season and local are gaining popularity. Trend-savvy couples are asking florists to include natural elements from the garden and fragrant herbs such as rosemary mint or basil into bouquets, centerpieces and garlands. Petite seasonal fruits and vegetables are another way to layer on color and interest.

His and hers cocktails, as well as lovely old-fashioned punch is a re-emerging trend for 2016. Pink Rosé wine is fast becoming a mainstay at many weddings. Couples are including it in the wine selection for dinner, as well as serving rosé champagne for the celebratory toast.

Metallics and shimmer are becoming a huge part of weddings. Brides are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate sparkle and subtle metallic colors into their weddings, from tablecoverings to bridesmaid dresses, to shimmery shoes and hair adornments that sparkle.

More brides are saying goodbye to the traditional veil and having fun with alternative headpieces. A big trend, especially among romantic and more rustic brides is the flower crown. It’s a great way to incorporate natural beauty into your wedding, especially in a garden setting.

Vanilla Buttercream Frosted Wedding Cake dressed inn ‘love’…

Back to buttercream…frosting, that is! After taking a backseat to fondant-covered cakes over the last few years, buttercream frosting with different designs and textures are in demand again. A recent trend we have seen is the combination of buttercream and the reemergance of cake-toppers, embellished with just a few fresh flowers. Couples are liking the wonderful flavor of buttercream vs fondant and the more natural, organic look.

Our groom awaiting the ‘First Look’!

‘The First Look’ is something that couples are really buying inn-to! Several of the photographers we have worked with at the inn encourage the couples to think about it and more and more are saying ‘yes’. Many brides and grooms not only want to see each other before the wedding, they also want to capture those private, connected moments in their photos. Photographers are being asked to include those kinds of special pre-wedding and candid moments of love in their shoot list.

We hosted 24 weddings at the inn this year, and each was unique and reflected each couple’s personality. One trend that will always be ‘inn’ is creating a day that is what YOU want and reflects you as a couple.  Its your day to shine…but stay light about it and don’t get too crazy!…remember that at the end you’ll wind up spending forever with the person you love most…and that is the most important thing.

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