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A Berry Wonderful Morning!

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The Farm Cooking School gets major kudos from me…the farm location, the food, and the Chef surpassed all my expectations!  I attended a Strawberry Cooking Class and was met by Chef Ian Knauer as I entered the Farm Kitchen.  He gave me a big hello and a smile that put me at ease right away.  When a Chef has a roster of the accomplishments such as Chef Ian, one would think he’de be a little… well, ‘full of himself’, lets say.  But so not the case here!  He is engaging, funny, and just an all around nice guy! …and an all around nice guy who really ‘cooks’!

A picture is worth a thousand words…and just words don’t do this class justice…you have to see what goes on from a student’s perspective…so here are some photos with short descriptions of what’s happening.  Class is totally hands on, so we hulled, boiled, chopped, whisked and ATE!  So do enjoy the photos with a little description of several of the recipe items we prepared…First up, Strawberry Tart with Lemon Ricotta Cream!

A student pressing the cookie crust into the tart pan (left) & Chef Ian answering questions…another student in the background tends to the straining the simmering strawberry mixture for the ‘strawberry leather’!

The beautiful cookie-crust right out of the oven!


We mixed the lemon ricotta cream (just some lemon zest + ricotta mixed together, simple!) and Ian spreads it onto the cooled crust!


We placed a large berry in the center of the tart and surrounded it with more berries cut in half.  Then brushed the berries with some warm red currant jelly + some orange liquer…and Voila…The finished product…YUM-O!!!

Next, an amazingly delicious Strawberry-Chile Soba Noodle Salad…the flavors and the colors are spectacular, and the prep we all did to create this dish was lots of fun!

Some charred poblanos, cucumber, scallion, strawberries, mint, a red hot chile and cilantro make for a really tasty combo!

Mixing the salad fixings with the cooked soba noodles…

Ahhhhmazing soba noodle salad with a miso-sesame dressing!


Some of the other fabulousness we prepared were Black Pepper-Balsamic Preserves, Chicken Breasts with Avocado + Strawberry Salsa and a to-die-for Strawberry Pudding Cake (which will be on the menu at Main Street Manor Bed & Breakfast THIS WEEKEND!  The Soba-Noodle salad was SO amazing I stopped at the market on my way home from class to buy the ingredients to make it for Ken + I as Thursday nights dinner. I know he’ll LOVE IT!

The highlight of the class, besides all we learned from Chef Ian, was sitting around the table in the kitchen, and enjoying all the great food we prepared together.  We shared stories and learned a bit about each other.  I came away feeling so good and it was one of the best days I have spent with folks I did not know before I got there in a really long time….and I cannot wait to go back!

Me & Chef Ian…and what’s left of our Strawberry Tart!

For information on the Farm Cooking School, visit their website!  If you love cooking with the seasons and learning about food, you’ll love this experience!  A truly awesome day…I highly recommend it!  (The Farm Cooking School is located just 20 minutes from the inn…so if you live far away and want to take a class, come stay with us!)

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