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Blog-Worthy Berries!

by admin


A wonderful visit to Bonacorsi Family Farm today for ‘you-pick’.  Welcome inn guests to the Main Street Manor Bed & Breakfast‘s Strawberry Festival!  YUMSKIES………….


 The fields were brimming with beautiful berries which makes you just want to keep-on-pickin’!  These folks are smart as they set you up with a single quart box OR ‘a picker-built-for-six’…quarts that is!  and its a pickin-addiction thats hard to resist!

So, yes, SIX QUARTS of Strawberries picked in a matter of about 20 minutes…3 quarts of Earliglow (the first-berry….its a sweet-and smaller berry than the usual and takes a bit longer to pick but SO worth it) and 3 quarts of a more ‘traditional’ larger strawberry.  BOTH delicious, and if you’ve never had a just-picked strawberry…all I can tell you its like a taste of heaven!

Upon returning home, a certain someone thought these berries were all for him!  (Well, who could resist that face!…He did manage a few.)  Anyone who knows our Quincy, is aware that when the word ‘berry’ is mentioned…he comes running!

 My drive home from the Farm consisted of pondering all the miraculous concoctions I could create for our inn guests in the coming week (plus delighting in the ability to spoil our sweet child in fur!)  Do treat yourself and take a trip to Bonacorsi Family Farm!  You’ll love the family, the quality of the food they grow and the quaintness of the farm will have you going back every year as I do, Spring through Fall.  See the sign and address below…& happy picking!

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