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Vermont Inn New Jersey!

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Poor birdhouse at the back of the property…seen better days.

I know we are Inn New Jersey, but I feel like we are living in Vermont this winter! Maybe the past few years we have been spoiled to have not been hammered…but this year its just been a little TOO MUCH!

The back of the inn..all snowy!

Four snowstorms…two ice storms behind us and one more on the horizon for this weekend!   If we only we had good skiing nearby it would at least be worth it to have suffered through the snow!


Needless to say, we will not be traveling to Vermont THIS YEAR for our usual ski & stay B&B vacation…we have enough snow right here inn NJ (minus the mountain)! Our usual go-to place is Okemo Mountain for excellent Vermont skiing and snowy Vermont B&B accommodations check out http://www.combesfamilyinn.com/

Our fave Vermont B&B!

SO, Geesh…an innkeeper has to find something to stay focused on in these quiet months besides shoveling and de-ice-ing…so we take to the outdoors in town for a stroll or some photography whenever possible. The beauty of this white and frozen-in-time season is all around us, but it takes on a different vibe for sure this year, as compared to years passed!

Our Wedding Ceremony Garden…all covered in snow!

Walks with Quincy in Winter require special navigational skills. One (or the two of us!) must be able to tackle single digit temperatures, uncleared sidewalks and the horrific chemical-rich salt and ice melt used on the cross-walks and town sidewalks…so we have tended to stay inn the yard and enjoy the back of the property a bit more than usual.


A fun part of being outside together in the morning is feeding the birds and watching them delight in feeding time … as I take a few photos. (But they don’t really let me get that close!)

This cardinal is almost neon-red! SO beautiful…

Mrs. Cardinal was nearby, but she was way too quick for me to capture!  This sparrow sings a sweet song but looks oh-so-chilly as he waits his turn for some of the seed…

sweet sparrow….

Once inn-side and looking out our kitchen door, I wonder if our raised herb and flower beds will ever be the same.  The nasturtium, lavender, rosemary and cosmos were especially show-y in September and October and was the perfect entrance for our Autumn Wedding couples last year!  Quincy must be wondering the same he delves into the snow, nose-first and sniffs for signs of garden life…

inquisitive Quincy!

Well, its all good…and even with this crazy Winter weather giving us a real workout, we know that Spring will eventually arrive!  Until them, we will continue to remember slow down as Mother Nature intended us to do…and even though can’t stop to smell the roses, we can pause to feed the birds.

Not sure what kind of bird this is…but there are dozens of them and so cute! If anyone knows, please comment!

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