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Private Wedding…No Vacancy!

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Wow!  I cannot believe how long its been since I wrote a blog post.   The weddings at the inn this year have kept us really busy and that is an awesome thing.   Jenny’s ecstatic expression after she & Kyle’s Wedding Ceremony,  totally conveys the innkeepers feelings about the weddings we hosted here at the inn this year!    

Our final wedding of 2013 actually took place on OUR 23 Wedding Anniversary, so we feel that the love came full circle in 2013 at Main Street Manor!  One of the things that is just the best about these weddings is getting to know our wedding couples and seeing the uniqueness of each one’s relationship.  The casual comfort of  a small and more intimate wedding allows for a relaxed atmosphere and personalities and playfulness throughout the day really shines through!


We encourage couples to personalize their wedding day with momentos that are uniquely ‘them’!  Favorite colors, flowers, music, and guest offerings are completely their choice!   The intimacy of a small wedding and the ambience of Main Street Manor is a perfect backdrop for embodying the personality and romantic journey of each couple. 

Here are some photos from a few weddings this past year…and how several couples made their day uniquely memorable for themselves and for their guests. 

Dana and Martin had their first meeting at a mutual friend’s Birthday party last year.  They chatted together at the party, surrounded by friends and shared lighthearted conversations while playing  skee-ball throughout the evening.  When they chose Main Street Manor as their wedding venue,  we talked about the flow of the day and how we could further personalize their wedding. 

…Well what better way to record well wishes from the wedding guests then to have a skee-ball as a ‘guest book’ for signing to keep forever as a memory of their first meeting and of their wedding day!

Our Mid-September wedding couple, Alison and Jimmy knew their special day would not be complete without spending a little time with their child-in-fur (we can relate!) …so a good friend of theirs brought Oliver to the inn for a few photo ops and some quality time with the Bride & Groom before the Ceremony.  Oliver was a complete gentleman …and as he posed for photos, he totally charmed everyone in attendance!  

The crispness of  October and pumpkin-time was perfect for their wedding for another of our creative couples!  Disney and all that the word evokes is something our October couple is absolutely crazy for…so it was no surprise to see dozens of  blue-glitter pumpkins delivered to the inn to be used to personalize their wedding.  The pumpkins would direct guests to the walkway of  the inn’s wedding garden and add a splash of the couple’s personality to the open outdoor space.  

They also brought mouse-ears cake pops as favors for their guests and the Bride made the cake topper herself as a surprise for her groom!  (The Bride & Groom also came with personalized mouse-ears which they insisted on wearing for a few photos after the wedding!)   It was a sparkly-fun-filled and sunshine-y day for all and ONE GUESS as to where they went on their Honeymoon?  🙂

Another of our couples loves the cardinal and the story of how this beautiful bird will fight to protect his nest, his territory and that the males and female typically mate for life.  For MaryClaire & Paul, the perfect cake topper (and the cutest one we’ve ever seen) is two cardinals, dressed for the wedding and happily snuggled together in their nest!

As we send our Brides and Grooms off to begin their life together we are happy to have made their day all that they wanted it to be! 

  …and we look forward to making memories for more couples for years to come!

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